THE VILLAGE is designed to have around 20 different restaurants located in the Fountain Square in MAGICAL FESTIVAL VILLAGE.

The interior space of each restaurants will be enlarged to be 24 SQM in order to maximize the quality of the Food & Beverage products. Besides; in order to enhance the customers' satisfaction;  the outdoor sitting area will be alos bigger so the the visitors will enjoy the magnificiant atmosphere.


Here below is a picture for the Fountain Square's Restaurants in MAGICAL FESTIVAL VILLAGE - Season 1.



There will be a street for the cafes in MAGICAL FESTIVAL VILLAGE - Season 2 that contain 19 different cafes with 12 SQM interior space and dedicated outdoor sitting area for public.

Location of the street is very strategic as the street connects the Fountain Square with the Entertainments Area.


A fantastic place for families to enjoy the delicious Food & Beverage of various cultures and nationalities.


Fast Food